I have been working as a clairvoyant since 1975 and am skilled and experienced at readings using:tarot

  • Crystal ball*
  • Palm and tarot*
  • Psychometry (touching objects associated with a person)*
  • Colour aura*
  • Psychic artistry*
  • Chakras*

Visit me for a personal or group reading with any of these medias. You may have a problem you need help with or you may just be curious and keen to enjoy the experience of a clairvoyant session. My Reiki healing services provide your body, colour-aurasmind, soul and spirit with a healthy flow of energy. A Reiki session is an excellent way of maintaining some balance in your life and helping you feel great and at peace within yourself. It can also be a very effective way of treating all kinds of illnesses.

My divination skills are used by clients wanting to understand a bit more about what the future holds for them. This can often be a way of helping clients take control of their destiny and follow their chosen path in life. If you believe a space or building in your life may be haunted, my space clearance skills can help. These sessions are often a popular group event during the Halloween season.