Missing People

Missing persons spiritual guidance.

missing-personVisit me with a photograph of the person who is lost and I will use telepathic skills to provide you with key descriptions of places and people they have spoken to recently.

You must always contact the police as well as myself concerning any missing person. I have worked with the police on many occasions to help track people down. They can use my information to assist their investigations.

I can help work out where the missing person has been walking, what transport they have used, who they have interacted with, the environment they have been in and what they are doing at a particular moment. I can give you an indication of their state of health and at what point they are likely to be found. This information can not only be crucial in locating a person, but it can also be very comforting for relatives and friends.

My telepathic skills have been successful in helping to find many missing people in the past.