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I have been psychic from 5 years old, with the occurrence of precognitive dreams, so every day was a day of walking with the Spirit World. I have seen amazing Angels. and my helpful Spirit Guides appearing and disappearing before my eyes.. Life is not believing in what you can see, rather believing in what you cannot see. Very true. Miracles are all around us. Here are some more of the kind words people have to say:

Camilla Ventham Fraser
"Camilla Ventham Fraser is quite simply beyond brilliant,A stream of information pours out of her in a reading some of it recognisable and relative to your current time, the rest (dates, places, names everything) like a trail of clues for what is to come. I had a reading with her kept the tape and two years later replayed it-it was astounding it named my friends, family dramas, business, even random circumstances-it was like listening to my auto biography but it was written before it happened. None of the events that occured could I have made happen through subliminally willing them, they involved people I have no control over. She quite simply will leave you gobsmacked. If you do anything in your life see Camilla Ventham Fraser - she trancends everything you will have encountered before, all I can say is SHE IS RIGHT - its as simple as that."
Camilla Ventham Fraser
"A number of years ago I became incredibly ill, with what doctors told me was incurable.I had a reading with Camilla Ventham Fraser and she told me I would become completely well in time.
Two years passed and numerous operations and I'm now nearly there thanks to brand new technology just brought out.If she had not told me I would have gotten well, I wouldn't have had the faith and strength I needed to endure the painful hospital treatments.

What is wise about her, is that she never told me what I would go through to get there-which if I had known I would have freaked,she simply told me what I needed to know to keep on pushing and trying,I owe her more than I can say

I was terribly blessed to have her read for me it gave me the guts I needed to keep going through hell- a brilliant woman."

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